Call for Papers

We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1.  Intelligent Transportation System and Its Applications

1. ITS architecture and basic theory & modeling ,control and simulation of ITS

2. Hardware and software of ITS &Sensors, detectors and actuators in ITS

3. ITS field tests and implementation

4. Transportation smartification and intelligent Logistic

5. Advanced public transportation management technology

6. Security and safety systems and exceptional events management system

7. Cyber-physical-social systems for ITS

8. Security, privacy and safety systems & Public policy, and regulatory and societal issues in ITS

2.  Intelligent Vehicle Technology

1. Navigation systems and autonomous vehicles and automated Driving

2. Active and passive vehicle safety

3. Advanced  driver assistance systems

4. Autonomous and Intelligent robotic vehicles

5. Driver behavior and risk assessment & driver status  monitoring and intention recognition

6. Environment perception and recognition

7. Policies and regulations for intelligent vehicles

8. V2V and V2I communication

9. Vehicle hardware/software systems

3.  Big Data Technology and Applications 

1. New concepts, types, and sources for variety in Big Data

2. Big Data Foundations, Algorithms for Big Data, Methodology for Big Data& Infrastructure and Platform for Big Data

3. Data Visualization and Visual Analytic

4. Scalable solutions for pattern recognition &Stream and real-time processing of Big Data

5. Big data Security and risk management

6. Hardware and Software solutions for Big Data Searching, Storing and Management

7. New domains and novel applications related to Big Data technologies

8. Evolutionary and Bio-inspired approaches for Big Data analysis

4.  Smart City Technology and Applications

1. Smart city basic theory and infrastructuremodeling and simulation

2. Artificial Intelligent& Big data technology used in Smart city technology and Application

3. Advanced communication technology and network system Internet of things and mobile Internet  

4. Intelligent energy supply and user system , Urban smart grid technology and engineering

5. Smart campus and community、Smart municipal engineering& smart sponge city

6. Smart medical Smart education、Wisdom government and public safety management

7. Smart urban lighting Smart Urban logistic system &Smart water service

8. Smart urban fire fighting systemSmart urban safety monitor system

9. VR& AR&DT technology used in city planning and design &management