Call for Papers

Topics may include but not limited :

1. Intelligent Transportation System and Intelligent Vehicle Technology(智能交通系统与智能车辆技术)

  1. ITS Architecture and Basic Theory
  2. Modeling ,Control and Simulation of ITS
  3. Hardware and Software of ITS
  4. ITS User Services
  5. ITS Field Tests and Implementation
  6. Transportation Smartification and Intelligent Logistic
  7. Transportation Network
  8. Intelligent Rail Transit System
  9. Intelligent Public Transportation Management Technology
  10. Security and Safety Systems and Exceptional Events Management System
  11. Navigation Systems and Autonomous Vehicles and Automated Driving
  12. Vision and Image Processing and Vehicle Environment Perception
  13. Pattern Recognition for Vehicles and Cognitive and Context-aware Intelligence
  14. Intelligent Control Technology
  15. Other related Technology

2.  CONNECTED VEHICLES Technology( 车联网技术)

  1. Operative Driving
  2. V2V, V2I, V2X &Vehicular Networks
  4. Cognitive Radio 
  5. Connected Services
  6. Communication Protocols
  7. Electronic Toll Collection
  8. Remote Diagnosis
  9. Standards and Architecture
  10. Vehicle Telematics
  11. Vehicular Cloud Computing
  12. Mobility and the Internet of Vehicles

3.  Big Data Technology and Applications (大数据及应用)

  1. New concepts, types, and sources for variety in Big Data
  2. Big Data Foundations, Algorithms for Big Data, Methodology for Big Data
  3. Infrastructure and Platform for Big Data
  4. Models and Analytics for Big Data
  5. Data reduction, feature selection and transformation algorithms;
  6. Data visualization;
  7. Distributed data analysis platforms;
  8. Scalable solutions for pattern recognition;
  9. Stream and real-time processing of Big Data;
  10. Information quality within Big Data;
  11. Storage and Querying for Big Data
  12. Threat detection in Big Data
  13. Big Data applications and Service
  14. Industrial Tools for Big data

4.  Smart City (智慧城市)

  1. Smart City Basic Theory and Infrastructure
  2. Modeling, Control ,Simulation of Big Data
  3. Intelligent communication network system
  4. RFID technology and Smart card
  5. Automatic identification and bar code technology
  6. Software and system integration
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Smart Environment Monitor System
  9. Intelligent Energy Supply and User System
  10. SIS and MIS &ERP
  11. Wisdom campus and community
  12. Wisdom medical
  13. Wisdom education
  14. Wisdom Government and Public Safety Management
  15. Smart Finance and Economics
  16. Other Related Technology